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List Of All Dragons And How To Kill Them

Posted by Avaxier On December - 23 - 2010

In most video games, Dragon has always been made to be the ultimate monsters that overpowers even the elite warriors in the game. In RuneScape, the Dragon will overpower most players but for high level players, defeating most of them would be quite easy especially with the help of a shield and powerful potions.

Despite that, proper strategy will be required for each different dragon and without it, players will find it hard to stay in the lair for a fair amount of time. Due to the length, the guide will be divided into two parts. You can find the second part link in the end of the first part.

You can visit the full article with the button below. Remember that there might be more than one page in the article so you’ll need to navigate to the next page to see the list further. The navigation is at the end of the article (not at the bottom of the page).

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