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Who created this website ?

Avaxier. You may reach him by contacting us in the contact page.

Who made all of the guides and fun facts ?

All of them are written by Avaxier who have written RuneScape guides since August 2009.

Does the owner of this site own a RuneScape account ?

Yes. His current username is Aurora Saint. Feel free to add him as friend and contact him in-game. Note that he doesn’t play very often.

Why can’t I comment on any post ?

You can only comment in the full article. If you wish to comment about this site, contact us instead.

Why does the full article are all hosted on Gameolosophy instead of this site ?

For popularity and SEO rank purpose, the articles will need to be hosted on a site that has much higher Alexa traffic rank than this one.

I have some idea(s) for a guide or article, will you write them ?

If they’re interesting enough, of course. And unless you wish to be anonymous, we’ll credit your name in the guides that’s created from your idea. Contact us about the idea and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

How much people are working for this site ?

Just one, Avaxier.

I found some mistakes in your article(s), what should I do?

Contact us and we’ll correct them as soon as possible.